SEPTEMBER 2020 - Capitol Corner

With the Legislative Session ending a week ago, only a handful of cannabis-related bills made it to the Governor’s Desk.  To say that this year has been extraordinary and frustrating is an understatement, especially for the Legislature, where they have been crippled with forced recesses, several COVID outbreaks and the mountain of problems facing the state - all of which culminated to lost bills and cramped deadlines.  The following bullets will update you on some of these cannabis bills awaiting action:

- Assembly Bill 1525 (Jones-Sawyer), which could expand banking access to the marijuana industry.

- Senate Bill 1244 (Bradford), which “would authorize a licensed testing laboratory to receive and test samples of cannabis or cannabis products from a state or local law enforcement, or a prosecuting or regulatory agency in order to test the cannabis or cannabis products.”

- Senate Bill 67 (McGuire), which would create standards by which a licensed cultivator may claim a place (city, county) of origin for their product. 

The Governor will have until the end of September to take actions on the bills on his Desk.  Regardless of the enormity of work that still remains for the Legislature, all signs indicate that it is highly unlikely that the Governor will call a Special Session and bring the Legislature back to Sacramento, and he will continue to utilize his broad Executive Authority given him by the Legislature in the early days of the pandemic. 

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