May 2019: Law Offices of Jennifer S. Rosenthal

Jennifer S. Rosenthal Law Offices of Jennifer S. Rosenthal

Tell us about your company(s) and your role? "Law Offices of Jennifer S. Rosenthal. My practice includes criminal defense, land use, cannabis regulatory permitting." What was your very first introduction to the cannabis industry? "I was first introduced through the criminal justice system when I would defend growers, manufacturers and delivery drivers after they had been criminally prosecuted." What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you’ve been in the industry? "The biggest lesson I have learned is that just when I think I know what’s going on regulatory wise something new comes up." What has been your biggest risk you’ve taken in your career? "My biggest risk was stepping over from defense work to cannabis regulatory work." What is your proudest moment since you’ve started down the path as a cannabis entrepreneur? "My proudest moment thus far is when my client’s became the first licensed retail facility in Monterey County." 10 years ago, what did you think you’d be doing now? "Defense work." How would you describe the cannabis industry in Monterey County? "The cannabis industry in Monterey County is ever evolving and establishing itself as one of the top growing areas in the state. It is a place where people want to come and do business." From your experience, are there similar traits that those working in the cannabis industry share? "People in this business tend to think outside the box and are willing to take risks." How do you think people in the cannabis industry should think about the value of marketing and where should they focus their marketing budget? "Marketing in the cannabis industry is the name of the game. There are so many different companies entering into the industry – the focus should be on branding."

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