May 2018: Bear Republic Consulting

Omar Perez, Co-Founder

Bear Republic Consulting Agency

Tell us about Bear Republic Consulting and your roles?

"From defining a dialogue to building a business, how your endeavor is seen and planned will matter from start to finish. Bear Republic Consulting’s founding partners formed to provide boutique consulting specialized in government relations, political strategy, marketing, social media, and public relations. Through our work with local nonprofits, we also develop solar energy projects helping businesses reduce costs and go green. We are proud of expanding our partners to include experts in biotech research and design, offering workshops and technical consulting for agriculture, business, and cannabis. As the managing partner, I manage all logistics and operations pertaining to all services under our firm. I also work on the political strategy, government relations, and nonprofit solar projects with our client the Romero Institute’s Greenpower Project." What was your very first introduction to the cannabis industry? "My first introduction to the cannabis industry was when I was employed by Grupo Flor as an executive assistant and government and community liaison. Working with Grupo Flor, I was able to learn about the regulations affecting cannabis and the challenges facing a cannabis company in this new day and age." What are some of the cannabis-related projects you’ve worked on? "Currently, through one of our nonprofit clients, The Romero Institute’s Green Power The project, we are looking to bring the cannabis industry on board with the battle to reduce the effects of climate change by helping cannabis businesses develop cost-effective ways to bring solar power to their facilities and become more energy efficient. We are also working to bring workshops, strategic planning, and process developing based on the intersection of the growing biotechnology sector and the cannabis industry." What is your business philosophy when consulting with clients in all industries? "Across industries, the best businesses have more desired results than time to get them. We work immediately to identify the objective, develop strategies to achieve it, and work collaboratively with clients to see it through. The most successful project begin with and rely on strong communication. We begin each prospective client with an extensive free consultation to determine the best plan for you." What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? "Our biggest risk as a firm has been to branch into new specializations outside of our founder’s initial mission, but with our inclusion of two new partners with specific specialization in chemical engineering and biotechnology we are fully confident in our decision to take this risk in our expansion and look forward in our growth." How would you describe the cannabis industry in Monterey County?

"I would describe the cannabis industry in Monterey County as a rapidly growing the industry with plenty of potential to make Monterey County the hub for cannabis industry innovation." What is your advice for hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs? "The industry is in its infancy and with that, risks can push your idea into a business and potentially into a successful venture that will push the industry as a whole forward with your innovations and industry savviness."

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