August 2018: GrowBIG...ogh

Chris and Lia McGrowin, Founders

GrowBIG...ogh Commercial Ag Supply

Tell us about GrowBIH...ogh?

"We are a husband-wife team who work hard to ensure our customers farms run smoothly & efficiently through our cultivation equipment & supplies delivery service. Our customers phone, text or email orders and our delivery vehicles save them the time and hassle of leaving their farm. Our overhead is lean, which keeps costs down and also helps our clients’ bottom lines. Plants don’t take days off, so our store is open 7 days/week and our cell phones are on 24/7.

"We started out as a retail hydro store, and with the support of the community, we have morphed into a regional distributor specializing in this market. From vegan-fed, P/Ca-enhanced, bulk worm castings to 25(b)-compliant IPM products that foliar feed, imported Japanese trim scissors, Gavitas, Quests, Mother Buckers and Futurola products, we supply over 13,000 specialized products for our clients. We are continually working with the community to improve ourselves and with manufacturers to bring the best possible products to the area."

What was your very first introduction to the cannabis industry?

"Aside from all the youthful experiences, we’re in our 4th year of operation (thank you!) and before that, we had some cultivation experience that led us to where we are today. It’s amazing to see how far this industry has advanced and how rapidly the commercial cultivation & manufacturing is further evolving the market."

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you’ve been in the industry?

"I think for us it’s a lesson to continually be in learning mode and to roll with the changes. As the urban indoor market dimmed its lights, we were forced to learn about commercial greenhouse and warehouse methodologies and to evolve our product mix, cost structures, and margins to become a value-added supply chain partner. We’re still adding new product lines, so happy with recent adds we’ve made and the super positive responses from our clients."

What has been your biggest risk you’ve taken in your career?

"I think we’ve all taken risks along the way, and for us, there was a long time when we stepped away to due to risk aversion (aka children). For those who hung in there and developed the genotypes and helped push through laws we have today, our forever grateful. We have started a few businesses along the way, and founding GrowBIG…ogh was no less risky than prior ventures."

What is your proudest moment since you’ve started down the path as a cannabis entrepreneur?

"For us, it’s often the new home grower who runs in gushing with pictures of his/her first attempt to cultivate cannabis. It’s always so gratifying to see their early successes and realize that the coaching they needed is just not readily available elsewhere. We have pulled some heroics for our commercial clients as well, whether it’s a midnight delivery of Pro-Mix or getting a bunch of Quest Dehumidifiers from Livermore to Salinas on the Friday of 4th of July weekend. To see our long-term customers getting more and more successful with their strain selections, cultivation & harvest techniques plus recent upticks in price points; it's all so very good to see. "

10 years ago, what did you think you’d be doing now?

"Haha, retired! We’re on a mission now, enjoying building this company together and with our clients. #feelingblessed."

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