April 2018: ALD Green

John Johnston, CTO and Chris Benak, President ALDgreen

Tell us about ALDgreen and your roles? "ALDgreen engineers, designs and manufactures high quality, LED Lighting based in the United States. It specializes in high-intensity horticulture, aquaculture and industrial lighting designed to empower productivity and profitability. John Johnston focuses on scientific and technical issues within ALDgreen’s organization. John is responsible for the transformation of intellectual capital into technology in furtherance of the company’s objectives. Chris Benak provides strategic direction to the Company in market penetration, product development, and competitive positioning." What was your very first introduction to the cannabis industry? "Our first experience, 2 years ago, was when a large distribution partner heard about us creating a grow application with our Industrial lighting product and asked us to provide them a quality cannibals lighting system." What are some of the cannabis design projects you’ve worked on? "Many large cultivators have asked for quality LED technology and intelligence to provide better results then legacy lighting." What is your engineering philosophy when it comes to your proprietarily designed LED lights for greenhouses? "Our philosophy is if you engineer and build in quality, performance, and efficacy into your systems then you will have happier, repeat customers." What advice would you give to those in the cannabis industry starting out or expanding their business model from enterprise companies to the cannabis industry? "Research your niche and understand and articulate fully the problems you can solve, then execute." How would you describe the cannabis industry in Monterey County? "The Monterey County provides a great model for perspective counties and legalized states because of the deep agricultural roots. Monterey County’s history of cut flowers, fruits and vegetables puts it on the leading edge bringing Agro-tech to the Cannabis Industry."

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