Monterey Cannabis Summit Announced Keynote, Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder of Harborside

The Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association (MCCIA) will host the 2018 Monterey Cannabis Summit this December 13th and 14th. MCCIA is pleased to announce long-time cannabis industry expert Andrew DeAngelo, Co-Founder of Harborside and Director of Operations.

Andrew DeAngelo oversees the daily functions of the nation’s largest medical and adult-use cannabis dispensary in Oakland, Calif. He also leads the daily operations of its San Jose location. In addition, Andrew supports Harborside Farms and FLRish, Inc., where he manages vertical integration of the Harborside supply chain and additional retail locations in California. Harborside has a long track record of success having served over one million unique visitors and over $300 million in gross cannabis sales over the last 12 years.

An activist in the medical cannabis reform movement for over 30 years, Andrew was instrumental in passing both Proposition 215 and Proposition 64, which legalized medical and adult-use cannabis, respectively, in California. He co-starred with his brother in the groundbreaking series, “Weed Wars,” on the Discovery Channel in 2011. Andrew also currently serves on the board of directors of California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA).

"I’m honored to be invited to be a keynote speaker at the first ever Monterey Cannabis Summit in the heart of one of the world’s most prolific agriculture regions. It is important to bring together all aspect of the cannabis industry to look at where the industry has been and where it’s headed,” says Andrew DeAngelo.

This two-day Summit will be the first of its kind on the Central Coast bringing together the knowledge and expertise of cannabis professionals and business and community partners in California’s fastest growing region in the cannabis industry.

"We are thrilled to have the kind of experience and deep history in cannabis as an entrepreneur like Andrew DeAngelo. His knowledge of what it takes to build and launch the largest cannabis dispensary in the nation is invaluable to our attendees,” says MCCIA’s Executive Director, John Arriaga. “Andrew is a true trailblazer in the cannabis industry.”

The Summit is a two-day event featuring a cannabis tour for early registrants, featured keynote speakers, and five workshops delving into the most pressing cannabis issues facing the state and the region. The intent of the summit is to foster collaboration and growth by bringing together a vast array of professionals and enthusiasts from all aspects of the cannabis community.

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