Monterey Cannabis Summit Announces Keynote, Cheryl Shuman, "The Martha Stewart of Marijuana&quo

The Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association (MCCIA) will host the 2018 Monterey Cannabis Summit this December 13th and 14th. MCCIA is pleased to announce media personality and cannabis expert, Cheryl Shuman as the keynote speaker for the Summit.

Cheryl built the largest cannabis media source in the world with Kush Magazine in 2010 as Director of Celebrity, Media & Public Relations, taking them from $150,000 in gross revenues to more than $6.5 million in revenue within 18 months. Known as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana”, Cheryl is now the senior advisor of a $100 million funding facility to invest in the cannabis sector as well as a personal endorsement contracts with ancillary products in the cannabis industry.

"As a female pioneer of the cannabis industry since 1992, it’s exciting to participate in the first ever Monterey Cannabis Summit located in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country, where they are pioneering a new type of crop,” says Cheryl Shuman. “I’ve worked literally all over the world evaluating Cannabis businesses and agriculture. Monterey California is both incredibly beautiful and by far the leader of quality products.”

This two-day Summit will be the first of its kind on the Central Coast bringing together the knowledge and expertise of cannabis professionals and business and community partners in California’s fastest growing region in the cannabis industry. For a complete schedule and ticket information, visit:

"We are thrilled to have the knowledge and expertise of one of the most recognizable faces in the cannabis industry partner with the Monterey Cannabis Summit,” says MCCIA’s Executive Direct, John Arriaga. “For over 20 years, Cheryl ran the private Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, started Women Grow and launched multiple cannabis brands.”

About the MCCIA 2018 Monterey Cannabis Summit… It’s a two-day event featuring a tour of some of industry leaders’ facilities as well as four workshops delving into the most pressing cannabis issues facing the state and the region. The intent of the summit is to foster collaboration and growth by bringing together a vast array of professionals and enthusiasts from all aspects of the cannabis community.

About Cheryl Shuman…Considered by Fortune Magazine as the most powerful woman in pot, Cheryl brings over 25 years of experience in public relations, media, product branding, and business development and she has lectured internationally about cannabis from everything from seed to sale. Cheryl was featured on the cover of Adweek as Pot's First Luxury Brand for the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, in Elle Magazine as The Most Powerful Women in the Pot Industry, named The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills by The New York Times Sunday Magazine as well as gracing the cover of The London Times Magazine. For more information, visit: and media inquiries: 310-779-4797 or

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