Agdia, Inc.

Agdia has been a leading provider of plant pathogen diagnostics since 1981. Today they offer the most comprehensive and trusted portfolio of plant pathogen and GMO testing solutions around the world. They offer a wide range of testing technologies, products and services that are aimed at providing their clients with the confidence they need to make more educated and informed plant health management decisions. 

Contact: Coilin Walsh
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Agrarian Supply

Agrarian Supply combines farming efficiency and pricing with a deep understanding of hemp and cannabis cultivation. We leverage a team of experienced, licensed agricultural professionals to help cultivators maximize the return-on-acre with the highest quality.

Contact: Eric Overeem

CERESLabs is an established group of professionals dedicated to becoming the global leader in analytical cannabis laboratory testing. The team composition intelligently blends Wall Street talent, operational expertise, cannabinoid pharmacology, cannabis laboratory leadership and global branding experience.

Contact: Sachin Barot