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MCCIA members receive a host of special benefits designed to uphold our mission and to support each member's needs within the industry.  Member benefits include:


Networking and Access: Members get access to industry leaders, speakers, events and resources, as well as an opportunity to interact with their peers, build relationships, and grow their businesses through networking and referrals.  Members will receive group discounts on services such as business insurance.


Advertising and Influence: Listing in the Membership Directory on the website, with access to a Social Toolkit, including the MCCIA logo, images, and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Members also have representation in e-blasts, newsletters and marketing communications. Most importantly, the Association provides political representation with a credible, unified voice to advocate for the industry on the local, state, and federal level.


Education and Support: MCCIA is a source of industry information and strives to build healthy long-lasting relationships within the community. There are opportunities to sit on and chair committees and access to monthly regulation updates and legislative tracking from the Associations Legislative Lobbyists. 

•  Played a critical role in advocating for the successful reduction in local taxes by building a case for the industry and presenting to the Board of Supervisors on numerous occasions.


•  Hosted the first-ever Monterey Cannabis Summit, including over 20 vendor booths and more than 200 attendees.


•  Created a Black Market Enforcement Group that serves as a liaison between Members and the law enforcement community to collaboratively address the threats posed by the black market to legitimate cannabis businesses. 


•  Finalist for the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards in the Business Associations Category.


•  Continually host tours of the cannabis industry to further educate decision makers, staff and community leaders, including participation in the  County Standing Cannabis Committee and other vital local cannabis meetings.


•  Present and participate in conferences and panels across the State representing the interests of Monterey County as well positioning the County as an industry leader, including holding “Leg Days” in Sacramento meeting with key elected officials and industry leaders.


•  Hosting ongoing events and Speakers Series, bringing key cannabis leaders and influencers to the area to share their expertise.

Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association

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