Image by Richard T


In the past three years, our accomplishments have included...

  • Being a crucial force in ensuring the cannabis industry was considered essential through the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shut-down.

  • Continuing advocating for cannabis industry protections in order to secure the industry as one of the top producing economies in the area.

  • Hiring former Assistant Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner Bob Roach as Executive Director of MCCIA.

  • Playing a critical role in advocating for the successful reduction in local taxes by building a case for the industry and presenting to the Board of Supervisors on numerous occasions.

  • Hosting the first-ever Monterey Cannabis Summit, including over 20 vendor booths and more than 200 attendees.

  • Facilitating tours of the cannabis industry to further educate decision-makers, staff, and community leaders, including participating in the County Standing Cannabis Committee and other vital local cannabis meetings.

  • Hosting ongoing events and Speakers Series, bringing key federal, state, and local elected officials, cannabis leaders, and influencers to the area to share their expertise.

  • Presenting and participating in conferences and panels across the State representing the interests of Monterey County as well as positioning the County as an industry leader, including holding “Leg Days” in Sacramento meeting with key elected officials and industry leaders.

  • Engaging constructively with the Monterey County Cannabis Program on many important issues and strengthening that relationship.

  • Working with the Agricultural Commissioner and assisting on the production of the first-ever California Cannabis Crop Report.

  • We saw an MCCIA member appointed to an at-large position on the Monterey County Agricultural Advisory Committee, a body that will be hearing and making recommendations on many cannabis-related permits and issues.

  • Providing revisions to the Monterey County Code Cannabis Chapter that are under consideration by the Cannabis Program and will be brought forward in early 2021.

  • Attending numerous meetings of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, their Cannabis Committee the California Cannabis Authority Board, the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Cannabis Advisory Committee and others.

  • Participating with the County on their Social Equity Assessment Study, a BCC grant-funded effort to develop a local social equity program.